Are you feeling overwhelmed? Maybe you think or have heard that you should be doing something to get ready... but not sure where to start? Maybe when you think about your birth you feel stressed or scared or out of control? You go online and click around - maybe it helps or maybe it doesn't? 

How do you even know where to start?

Take a deep breath...

I'm here for you and I make it easy!

I walk you through the entire process so that you and your partner can feel confident and ready for your birth. 


Birth Coaching

Childbirth & Specialty Education

Labor Support

Nursing Education


Registered L&D Nurse  |  Childbirth Educator

Lactation Educator Counselor  |  Doula   

Having attended more than 5000 births, I still am amazed by each one. I believe that education and support can lead to a more confident and positive birth experience for both you and your partner. Your labor and birth goals are important to me. 


"Don't stress, I'm here for you.

Let's make your birth the happiest day of  your life."


I founded Bundle Birth, A Nursing Corporation to be able to provide you with the best, expert coaching, education & support through your pregnancy, labor & birth. 

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Let's Connect!

Services available for anyone, anywhere!

bundlebirth@gmail.com  /  Tel. 323-577-2677

decreasing fear, increasing CONFIDENCE

"Belief in oneself or one's abilities"

Los Angeles, CA, USA