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AAP:                                     American Academy of Pediatrics 

ACOG:                                 American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists

CDC:                                    Centers for Disease Control

WHO:                                  World Health Organization

NIH:                                     National Institutes of Health

AWHONN:                          Association of Women's Health, Obstetric & Neonatal Nurses

COCHRANE:                      Resource for finding evidence-based information

Up To Date:                        Resource for evidence-based medical information

Healthy People 2020:        National healthy goals/objectives

La Leche League:              Breastfeeding information and support

Evidence Based Birth:      Evidence-based information for communities

What is a "Source of Truth"?

A Source of Truth is a resource, web page, article or organization that provides all of the evidence-based, clinical knowledge provided on this site and in my classes. 

  • When should I sign up for services and classes?
    As soon as you know you want them! Classes and services are on a first-come, first-serve basis. The sooner you book, the more likely you are to get on my calendar! Some feel the need for more education and support earlier in their pregnancy while others prefer to leave it to closer to their due-date. I welcome whatever will make you feel most confident and comfortable. As a general rule-of-thumb, I recommend you schedule your classes to occur between 30-36 weeks.
  • How does it work to sign up for classes & consultations?
    If you are interested in booking a class, you can click the "book online" icon at the top of the page. Select the service/class you would like to book and follow the prompts! Once you confirm, I will reach out to you to schedule your class or consultation! You can also contact me directly via email, text or phone call- whatever feels best for you!
  • What happens in a free interview for One:One Labor Support services?
    Whatever you want! Typically we would meet up at the location of your choice (home, coffee shop, park, etc) and get to know one another! It is very important to me that you feel comfortable with whomever you choose so a lot of it is getting a feel for me and vice versa! Typically people would come with a few questions they would like to know from me (frequent examples are: why are you a doula? What is your philosophy about labor/birth? How do you feel about ___, etc.) and then we would have the opportunity to talk through what the packages look like and determite what your needs are and how I can help!
  • What if I take a class, but feel I want more time to learn with Sarah?"
    I am flexible according to your needs. If you would like to schedule extra time, you can pay an hourly rate.
  • Do you take insurance?
    I do not take insurance. However, depending on your insurance provider, you may be able to get reimbursed for childbirth classes. I am happy to provide you with any specific receipt your insurance company may require, including a class outline.​
  • Do you offer any discounts?
    Yes! Clients who purchase a One:One Labor Support package can access my classes at a 50% discount! Discounts are also available for booking multiple classes or services. Please contact me to see what your options are!
  • What if you don't make it to my birth?
    I will do everything possible to make it to your birth. Starting at 38 weeks I become on-call for you 24/7. So, if you go into labor at 3 am and need me, you can call me and I will come to you. I request at booking that you keep me updated on what is happening with your pregnancy and labor at all times. It helps me to be able to best prepare (and sleep) for the longevity of your labor. In the rare case that labor progresses very quickly and I do not make it to the birth, I will stay with you until you are settled, comfortable, and have your questions answered. Unfortunately, one cannot predict how long/short labor will be, so prices are non-refundable once paid.
  • Is there any other way I can learn from you/get a feel for what you're like?
    YES! I have a YouTube channel! Click the YouTube icon on the top of the page or you can find me as sarahlavonne.
  • Is your name really Sarah Lavonne?
    YES! BUT it's actually Sarah Lavonne Miller, Lavonne is my middle name, after my grandmother.


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