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Sarah's Story

Your Biggest Moment Is My Biggest Passion

 I have always had a fascination with pregnancy and birth. I "blame" my parents for that-allowing me to be present for my sister's birth when I was 5!  I had the opportunity to live internationally for part of my childhood where I became comfortable interacting with many different kinds of people .  I've known I wanted to be a nurse since 8th grade...something that would combine my love for people, my desire to help others, my passion to learn and share with others what I know.



I graduated from Azusa Pacific University in 2010 with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and was immediately hired as a Labor & Delivery Nurse in a hospital in East Los Angeles. I learned  very quickly that this was my calling. Being allowed into one of the most significant moments in people's lives was (and is) such an honor. I learned that as a nurse, I had an impact on their birth memory.  My attitude, the education I provided and the support I gave could make or break their experience. As I grew in my skills and knowledge of labor & delivery, I passed my RNC exam for Inpatient Obstetrics, making me certified in that specialty. I also discovered a passion for breastfeeding which led me to pursue a certification as a breastfeeding educator counselor (CLEC). As I grew in confidence and continued to learn, I had many opportunities to participate in educating other nurses and doulas, in addition to my patients. After getting hired at a large hospital in Los Angeles, I joined a group of elite nurses to re-vamp the hospital's childbirth education program and pursued a certification in childbirth education (ICCE). After about two years of teaching over 300 couples, I had the opportunity to manage that program and mentor instructors on the childbirth and parenting education team-where together we served over 400 couples a month.


 While my reach was wide in that position, I found that not only did I miss being one-on-one with families during their pregnancy and birth, but I also longed to have the freedom to leverage all that I have learned so far in my career for my clients. I decided to take a leap of faith and combine my experience, nursing knowledge, passion for education and heart to serve women (and men) in labor by offering my own classes and labor support services. I desire to help you lay a solid foundation with knowledge and tools to cope with and even enjoy labor. 

My passion is to empower you by helping you discover what is important to you as well as educate you with the most up-to-date information out there. I believe you are wise, capable and worthy of having a respectful, supported and confident birth. I would love to come alongside you, learn about who you are and your wants/needs and to help you have one of the best, most life-changing days of your life. There is no "formula" or "right" way to birth a baby. Your right way is one where you feel that every decision was yours to make, one where you never feel alone and one where you are empowered with education so that your fears can be replaced with confidence in your abilities, your body, your partner and your baby. 


Special Skills/


Billingual English/Spanish

Webinar Presenter - CMQCC

    “The Cesarean Option”

Former Chair of

    Breastfeeding Task Force

Presenter/trainer at Doula

     Training Day and RN skills day

Panel RN expert representative

    at Bini Birth -

    “Positive Hospital Birth”





Perinatal Safety Award              

Excellence in Shared Decision

     Making Award Recipient

     L&D Nurse 2016

Dorskind Women’s Health 

      Excellence Nominee            

      2016 & 2017

Daisy Award winner 2012   

Multiple Standing Ovations

Multiple Circle of Friends


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