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Haley and Jayson reflect on their first birth and what was different with the second. They discuss what they learned, how taking a VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean) class affected their birth experience and how having education and support this time changed the outcome for both Haley and Jayson.


Why is education and support important?

Why did they choose Sarah for their labor/birth support?

Katie Jo & Jason

Sarah is truly serving her higher purpose on this planet. She is passionate about what she does and really makes this becoming a parent thing a LOT less overwhelming. We took a private class with her on labor/delivery and baby care and decided we wanted to hire her as our Doula. Best decision we have ever made. She is grounded in her extensive medical knowledge and has been a part of over 5000 births as a labor and delivery nurse which brought us even more comfort and confidence in her as our Doula. She's super relatable and a great listener. I have met a lot of Doulas during my pregnancy and she stood out from all of them. She's just so normal and easy to talk to..i don't know how else to articulate that. The other doulas I've met haven't really been relatable for me ....a little too granola for me i guess. 


This was my first pregnancy and until I met Sarah I was in the dark and didn’t know what to expect when it came to delivery day. I felt fully supported, taken care of and heard by Sarah at all times throughout my birth experience.  She knew exactly what I needed before I even knew what I needed in each moment which was a huge relief in a situation that can be a little overwhelming. I highly recommend her services. She’s hands down the best in her field.

Sarah was awesome. Knowledgeable, fun, relatable. I am so much less intimidated now."

“Sarah was fantastic. She is incredibly knowledgeable & has a very comforting manner. I feel so lucky to have her as an instructor.”

“The classes exceeded my expectations & I feel much more prepared for labor. Sarah is energetic, sympathetic & assuring. I learned way more than I thought I would.

Thank you!”

“This class was even better because of the teacher. She is extremely knowledgeable, patient, positive, explained everything in detail. She was inviting, calming & made me feel at home.”

"Birth doesn't need to be scary! The more you know, the less anxiety. I learned my role in labor & feel reassured.

Totally worth our time"

Sarah is fantastic!!!

This past spring, as the birth of my little girl was drawing near, I was getting more and more terrified of labor.  I wanted to have a natural birth without medication, but was wondering if I had the strength to do it.  I was so lucky to have Sarah recommended to me through a friend.  As scared as I was feeling, I realized that I needed someone "on my side" to look out for me during the delivery.  Sarah was so accommodating and met with me at a coffee shop to chat about my different options, told me more about what a natural birth would entail, and other considerations I hadn't been aware of.  She was so positive and supportive that I left our first meeting feeling less fearful, even confident about delivering my baby!

As a former L&D nurse, Sarah already knows so much about what labor is usually like, and what processes the hospitals will have in place.  After my husband also met her, we both knew we HAD to have her on our team at the hospital when the baby arrived.

Kiki & Cameron


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What are parents saying about Sarah


"Very lively, clear & supportive. She loves people & her job.

She shows it clearly."

"I'm taking away more confidence, empowerment, a closer connection with my husband. Better communication with us. What I need from him. Thank you for that." 

"You are AMAZING!! Keep doing what you’re doing! Amazing energy, light, fun & info. Great job!! You’re in your element."

"Great energy & spirit. Amazing teacher – personable, vulnerable, sensitive.

I learned SO much & I feel ready for labor."

"Sarah was funny & knowledgeable. Never a dull moment."

Now that baby is 3 months old, my husband and I still talk about how invaluable it was to have Sarah coaching us on the big day.  And, because of her help and reassurance, I now look back on my daughter's birth not as a harrowing event, but actually as one of the most amazing days of my life, and one of the most empowering things I've ever done.  


Thank you so much Sarah!!!  You made such a difference and you are truly gifted in what you do!  xxoo

Are you a previous patient or client and want to submit a testimonial? 

"I love her delivery on topics that are typically intimidating."

"Sarah was informative, compassionate & thorough. She normalized everything that can be scary & made the class entertaining & fun."

"Sarah was fantastic! Very enthusiastic, funny, demonstrative. She definitely made the class engaging & informative."

"Sarah was incredible. Knowledgeable, friendly & easy to talk to. Made all the information interesting & time flew by."

I really enjoyed learning from both her experience as a doula and a nurse. I feel SO much better and confident and prepared.

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